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Do you watch TV shows like C.S.I. and Medical Investigation? Are you interested in questions about bioterrorism and crime scene investigation? Do you want to learn about careers that use biology and chemistry to help solve mysteries and problems like these?

Consider these facts:

  • Many forensic investigators who work in crime scene investigation start their careers in medical laboratories.
  • Approximately 70-80% of all physician decisions are based on laboratory test results produced by medical laboratory professionals.
  • Jobs in medical laboratories are plentiful due to a nationwide shortage of medical laboratory professionals projected to continue as the US population ages.

As a matter of fact, the medical laboratory professions offer springboards to career advancement in other types of laboratories such as research, forensic, veterinary, public health, instrument/reagent manufacturing and quality control laboratories. And, some laboratory professionals pursue careers as teachers, supervisors, managers, information technology specialists, compliance officer, sales representatives, lawyers, physician assistants and even physicians.

So, if any of these careers are in your future plans, consider the medical laboratory professions as a starting point. Find out how by clicking on our web site MedLabCareers for more information.

Click here to watch CSI: Crime Scene Investigation star and co-producer, William Petersen, in a public service announcement he gave to promote the laboratory professions during the National Medical Laboratory Week (April 18-24) 2004.